Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great News

That photo uploading problem that I had some months ago with blogger has since been resolved. Now there is no need for two blogspots, and a bright friend of mine did us all the giant favour of exporting this blog back into the original blog: Darfur Project.

Please check back there for updates on the project and plans for the fall and winter- coming soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


(waiting for a few more cheques to come in. I will be holding onto remaining bags until the funds come in.)

(Still feeling kind of lost, but simultaneously enjoying the fact that there seems to be time for reading and even showering. Want to return to raising funds. Want my back to stop hurting. Want those e-mails back in my inbox....... Hope God gives me great direction, and Soon!! Meanwhile, please give your support to: Made4Aid. It promises to be stellar; and I am excited about it.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She Wanders Back Onstage.... Looks Around Awkward-Like

hmmm... a Joyce without a bag blog is just a bag. I mean just a Joyce.

It's going to take me a little while to find my "new normal". Right now I'm working on two bags for my church's youth group fundraiser-- they are headed to Los Angelos for some do-goodin'.
(psst... anyone hungry for a bag? Meet me in Hespeler Park, Sunday after church. Youth slave and stuff auction happening...)

Meanwhile, I theoretically have enough time to actually put away laundry, instead of leaving it in piles here there and everywhere. Boring. More interesting to actually read a few other people's blogs; a privelege that I've done mostly without during my year of baggy-ness.

When all the payments come in (thank you one and all who've sent- much appreciated); I shall do a tally and present it here. I will also leave a link or somepin' somepin' for people who would like to be contacted when I find myself. Er. I suppose that's a little old and tired for a has-been youth of forty-one. (and three quarters...) More like; when I find a fabulous, irresistable new direction for bag fundraising.

Miss you all.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Last Three

Bloomin'. Leave your bids here.
Polka Party. Leave your bids here.

Doin' The Happy Dance. Leave your bids here.

This brilliant idea came to me from my personal manager, a lovely reader with great ideas and inspirations. Instead of posting one a day until Friday, she suggested putting the final three on line, and seeing how close to a final tally of $14,000 we could achieve.
Feel free to puruse the posts of the final three bags. If you choose to bid or comment, leave your bids at the post of each individual bag, and leave your comments anywhere.
Get it? Got it.

Polka Party

Some of you will remember this polka-dotty wonderfulness from a previous post where I waxed eloquent about a lot of fabric from Kim Z. Well, I couldn't let the hiatus begin without using a piece of it, now could I?

I paired it up with a velvety soft taupe/mustard coloured upholstery sample; some cool green curtains for the lining, and a strip of my mother's tablecloth for the strap.

For texture and awesomeness, I added some buttons to the dotty bits.

This is what I'd call the ideal Festival/Yard saling bag. It's small, but large enough to hold your essentials. This bag measures 7" x 9". A pocket beneath the flap is perfect for your keys and phone, and two pockets inside can hold your gold and your diamonds.
This bag is part of the final three. Leave your bid here if you are interested, and the party will shut down at 7:00 am cst, saturday, May 30.


Here is another piece from Kim z, combined with some pieces from Valerie C. I couldn't not use these-- they are just that delicious.

I made a mid-sized bag. It's the size of bag that I find myself using most of all- it holds my wallet perfectly, plus some other really important stuff.

two inside, and two under the flap.

Three delicious buttons to finish it off.
This bag measures 9" x 11".
Part of the final three; leave your bid here if this one tickles your fancy.
This party shuts down on saturday morning, 7:00 am cst, May 30, 2009.

Doin' The Happy Dance

A personal favourite; this tea towel turned messenger bag.
Paired up with a soft brown, it really is delightful.

A pocket under the flap for your immediate needs.

Actually; a set of pockets. I see that I divided it to hold a) your keys and b) your phone (if you're one of those really important people who must be available at all times)
I divided the inside pockets a little differently on this one as well. One side has a large pocket, adn the other has two small pockets, plus a pen compartment.

I think they are doing the happy dance. I'm sure that in their world, it's green and summery. They don't need to wear shoes or anything.
This bag measures 12" x 13.5".
As part of the final three, this bag is up for auction until 7:00 am cst, Saturday, May 30, 2009.
Leave your bids here.