Monday, May 4, 2009


This hearty little piece of goodness has been hanging on my workroom door for a few weeks now. I've just been too selfish to share it yet, is all. I had an all-over good and happy feeling sewing up this piece of red love.


that photo shows the bag turned inside out so you can see that even the inside pockets match marvelously.

Under the flap, you get these two pockets. I like one for my keys and one for my phone; even though I never remember to charge or answer the darned thing.

Please start the bids on this darling at $35.
I'll leave the auction open until Wednesday, May 6 at 7:00 am cst.


  1. Is that red velvet? $40!

  2. So beautiful. My daughter has been begging for a bag in red. I'd say that looks about right. Do you happen to know the dimensions??


  3. $ velvet, red velvet, red velvet...

  4. oh good, you've found the blog.
    yes, it is red velvet, and the dimensions are 10" x 11"

    I love red velvet too. wish it wasn't so tricky to sew with.

  5.'s beautiful!!!! Would make a great Mother's Day gift, don't you think?!!

  6. I love all your bags but the last few are really extra special. I really love what you doing with the buttons. I see them and think how much fun they were to play with and just to look at in the jar, and then I when I see what you are doing with them I think of that proverb about sowing (sewing?) seeds in fertile ground, and feel all warm, fuzzy and philisophical and just a little more hopeful for ourselves and the rest of the world. Valerie C

  7. I love it!!
    Joyce, I am coveting the theoretical bags you may make in the future out of some blue leather from a special coat you now have, and I was going to hold out till then, but I can't resist.
    Those buttons are the best!
    <3 Melodie

    P.S. Thanks to you, I know that <3 is a heart, as a math teacher I automatically think "less than 3"

  8. Well I hope everybody has gone to bed now and everybody sleeps in in the morning. That way my daughter will get the treat of her life.


    p.s. Thanks Melodie for letting me know what <3 meant cause I could not figure it out. I kept thinking it meant less than 3 as well and I am not a math teacher.

  9. Your welcome Roberta, but I am going to bid > 50

    $51, For my mom for mother's day

  10. Well......I couldn't figure out all the stuff to post here in time to keep it a secret so.........happy mother's day honey.


  11. holy rocka-notey, I can't believe that I just had an early morning bid-out! Yahoo! That helps to restore my confidence in this crazy bag project. I'd have to say that Becky gets the bag with her very noteable SEVEN AM there. Congrats! let me just say that sewing that bag was such a joy that I must spur myself on to sewing something that much fun again.

    And Valerie. I'm so sorry. Yours was the name that got forgotten when i rambled on about buttons the other day. I knew it was someone important. You AND YOUR MOTHER's! And that coat! (must get special needle..... must get special needle....)

    thank you all. I appreciate this encouragement.

  12. Oh man. I guess I was the one to sleep in. I missed all the bidding fun.

    Well Joyce I guess I shall have to wait for another red one. Hint hint. hehehe.

  13. Wow...I just checked to see who was the lucky winner of the bag and it was my sweet dear hubby!!!!! What an awesome Mother's Day gift:) Thanks, honey!

  14. awwww.
    These comments don't feed into the e-mail account that I check regularly, so here I am to enjoy all this sweetness.
    How kind. How lovely. Thank you, Tyler.

  15. wow. that's the best.
    the bag...and the bag-chatter. awww.