Monday, May 18, 2009

Tuesday Tote

What do you get when you cross a set of drapes with an apron?
Well a tote bag, of course, you silly.

Throw in a bit of ric rac and some soft pink buttons; you're on your way to a pleasant dream state. Or maybe a picnic. Or the store. Or the forest to bring granny some biscuits and jam.

What's better than an old button? Well, two old buttons of course!

On the inside, one large pocket is sewn down the center to form two. The other pocket spans the width of the bag. The exterior pocket is sewn down the center as well.
Bids begin this bonny Tuesday at $25- Cdn. The auction will close at 7:00 am cst on Wednesday, May 20,2009.


  1. Pretty tote and might I say a fine use of ricrac.

  2. my mama would love this!

  3. so pretty - $28

  4. love the light spring colors!!

  5. I'm on vacation in Wash. but still have to come on to see your wonderful creations. Love what you do with buttons. Makes me anxious to get back to my machine. Also enjoy your descriptions! Grace, from bags for zaza.

  6. Oooo... I was really hoping for the African fabric, seeing how it's my birthday and all. :-) Maybe next time.

  7. yahoo!!!
    that makes me happy :)